UPC Nature

Nature Based Solutions

As a responsible renewable energy developer, UPC has always run CSR programmes alongside its renewable energy projects. Many of the programmes we have implemented incorporate land quality improvements via land-use adaption or refurbishments. These initiatives can be characterised as “Nature-Based Solutions” (NBS) projects, as they are projects that mitigate socio-environmental issues such as climate change, water security, biodiversity and disaster risk management, using the optimisation of or rehabilitation of natural ecological processes.

Environmental Attributes

UPC Renewables has also been commercialising the environmental attributes of its wind and solar projects for well over a decade via the issuance of carbon credits and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).

Experience and Expertise

The combination of UPC’s existing development resources, track record and its experience in carbon and REC markets positions UPC exceptionally well to develop Nature-Based Solutions projects which are a commercial enterprise in and of themselves, by their ability to produce valuable environmental products that can be sold, but they are also projects that allow UPC to deepen the positive environmental and social impacts that it makes already.

UPC Nature is pursuing NBS projects on 10 sites across the Asia Pacific region covering a total land area of nearly 3 million hectares.