Robbins Island and Jim’s Plain




In 2017, UPC and the Hammond family created a vehicle to jointly develop two Renewable Energy Parks at Robbins Island and Jim’s Plain near Smithton in north west Tasmania. The wind and solar PV resources have been measured to determine the best mix of electricity generation sources. As a result of the resource measurements, the projects are proceeding with electricity generation from wind and will potentially be coupled with locally based large scale battery storage.

Since the projects commenced in 2017, UPC actively engaged in environmental studies preparing design options and community consultation. The first stage of the Robbins Island project includes a circa 500MW transmission solution. Additional network interconnections are being considered, potentially extending the full capacity of Robbins Island and Jim’s Plain by a further 500MW.

The Robbins Island and Jim’s Plain projects are targeted to deploy capital by 2020. The projects will create up to 350 jobs during construction and meaningful employment when operational. These projects have the scale and wind resource to become a major contributor to resolving the energy supply challenges faced by Australia. The wind resource will allow the wind turbine generators to operate at over 90% capacity with a little or no correlation to Victorian and South Australian wind farms. The lack of correlation means that the projects are highly complementary to the existing and planned generation in the National Electricity Market.

For more information, please see the project specific website or the project specific Facebook page.

600-1000 MW 
In Development