New England Solar Farm

600-800 MW, New South Wales, Australia



The New England Solar Farm, currently being developed in the New England Tablelands region of New South Wales, is one of the largest and most exciting solar photovoltaic power generation projects in Australia. The project is jointly owned by the UPC and Ayala Corporation. The project site is located approximately 6km east of the township of Uralla and will be connected to the 330kV transmission network. At its maximum size the project would involve a land area of up to 2,700 hectares spread across three separate solar PV fields. The size of the solar farm is 720MW (AC) and will be constructed in two phases.

The project will feature advanced photovoltaic technology mounted on single axis tracking systems to take advantage of the high solar radiation and cool temperatures of the New England tablelands. UPC is also investigating energy storage as part of its technical studies. The combination of economies of scale, high efficiency and energy storage will ultimately help deliver the most competitively priced electricity for consumers and help replace older coal fired power stations. The Solar farm began construction in early 2021.

For more information, please see the New England Solar Farm project website , the project specific Facebook page , or the joint-venture website with the Ayala Corporation.

720 MW 
In Construction