Our Skills and Capabilities


With over 25 years of global experience, our project development teams are equipped with the wide variety of skills necessary for achieving tailored renewable energy solutions. Our management teams have extensive backgrounds in developing renewable energy projects which has guided the success of our projects around the world. Our expertise covers land acquisition, community relations, environmental analysis, feasibility analysis, logistics analysis, construction, project management, and project finance.


UPC operations are run by teams with diverse backgrounds and insightful knowledge of the local industry. Over 150 employees cover the necessary variety of skill sets that enable UPC to create tailored renewable energy projects. We have strong relationships with our energy sector partners and government entities, ensuring that our projects can be completed with the extensive knowledge of local experts.


UPC supplies renewable energy at optimized prices by utilizing innovative wind turbine technology and photovoltaic systems. From the initial design to construction commencement, our teams actively engage in iterative processes, assuring our innovative energy solutions are industry-leading and will generate cost competitive energy output.


From the initial concept design to the end of project construction, our engineering, procurement and construction management experts optimize every aspect for technological efficiency, cost effectiveness and optimal land use. As a leader in the renewable energy industry, our construction processes are executed with high standards with a core focus on efficiency, timeliness, and safety.


UPC projects integrate advanced control systems to monitor the performance of our operating projects. Proactive inspections from our experts minimize operational downtime and unnecessary losses. Highly effective supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems work in concert with our on-site professionals to ensure our operations are maintained at the greatest efficiency and losses are minimised.