A Clean Energy Group with a Global Track Record

The UPC group has been operating in North Africa since 1998 through its subsidiary UPC North Africa Renewables to develop large-scale wind and solar projects. Initially in Tunisia and since 2008 in Morocco where UPC has already put into operation the Khaladi wind power project for 120MW in the last quarter of 2017 .

The pipeline in Tunisia is currently 500MW for Wind and Solar (PV) divided in different size projects to adapt to the current local regulations for renewable energy producers. UPC’s strategy in North Africa is based on the significant growth in demand for electricity in the region together with the belief that the electricity markets of North Africa and Southern Europe will ultimately become unified.

Tunisia has an excellent wind resource which could support a prosperous wind energy industry capable of delivering electricity at highly competitive prices with significant environmental benefits and to reduce the foreign energy dependency.

UPC first established a local affiliate in 1999. Currently throught UPC Renewables Management Tunisia SARL is currently securing land, going through resource assessment, design, engineering, environmental impact studies, grid connection and developing a pipeline of projects with a highly experienced management team.

UPC intends to secure offtake under the current Tunisian Renewable Energy Law in the coming years to finance, construct and operate projects in Tunisia with the aim of being leader as long term renewable energy generator in the country.