A Clean Energy Group with a Global Track Record

In 2008, UPC negotiated exclusive rights with the Moroccan national utility, Office Nationale de l’Electricité et de l’Eau Potable (“ONEE”), to develop two high potential wind energy sites. UPC currently has four (4) 60 meter meteorological masts collecting wind data on these sites. UPC has also identified and is in the process of securing rights to additional sites.

UPC formed companies have developed more than 3,500 MW of operating wind and solar projects on three continents with an investment value of over $5B USD, and have a worldwide development pipeline of more than 5,000 MW.  UPC has a proven and successful history of being an early entrant in new markets with advanced technology and creative local business strategies, helping countries accelerate their renewable energy development.

UPC Morocco, through local subsidiaries, has 270MW of projects in active development in Morocco. UPC’s first Moroccan wind project, the 120MW Khalladi Project started construction in October 2015.

The focus on North Africa has been a logical progression for UPC, which through its former Italian affiliate Italian Vento Power Corporation (“IVPC”) created the dominant wind energy company in Italy. UPC’s strategy in North Africa is based on the significant growth in demand for electricity in the region together with the belief that the electricity markets of North Africa and Southern Europe will ultimately become unified.

Morocco has an excellent wind resource, which could support a thriving wind energy industry capable of delivering electricity at highly competitive prices with significant environmental benefits. Recent legislation and public support mechanisms demonstrate the Kingdom’s commitment to the development of renewable energy (wind and solar).