Owners, Partners, and Management

Brian Caffyn, USA

UPC Founder, Majority Owner & Chairman

  • Founded businesses that constructed over 2,000 MW of wind projects
  • Completed some of the largest wind energy projects financed while managing the development, construction and operation of over 700 MW of operating wind projects
  • Co-founded UPC International Partnership in 1996; managed and build-out of its Italian operations
  • Established UPC Wind Partners (now First Wind) in 2000, a highly successful wind energy company in U.S.
  • Invested in and served as Chairman of Solar Integrated Technologies, a solar BIPV company
  • Served as the President of Cannon Energy managing over 50 people involved in developing, constructing, & operating over 700 WTGs in California
  • Seasoned banker at GE Capital and Heller Financial

Erwin Jahja, Indonesia

Binatek CEO, UPC Yog. Bayu Energi, Partner

  • Established his own company PT. Binatek Reka Energy in 1991. His intention is to build this company to become an important national private enterprise, especially as Development Company in the field of Oil & Gas and, Power Generation Development.
  • Developer of oil and gas, wind, micro hydro and biomass projects independently and in partnership with National and International industry leaders
  • Establish one of the first large call centers in Indonesia providing services to many national businesses.
  • CEO of Bakrie Corrugated Metal Industry a Join Ventures company between ARMCO and Bakrie & Brothers which is now as Bakrie Group.
  • Graduate from Trisakti University, Jakarta, in Civil Engineering Faculty.

Andrew Sutherland, UK

UPC Indonesia, COO and Partner

  • Joined UPC in 2008; former VP and Chief Environmental Officer in UPC China
  • Founded Anchor Energy in 2007, an Asian focused renewables investment company
  • Founded Pure Power Asia in 2006, a Singapore based renewable energy company focusing on biofuels
  • Founded Buccleuch Bioenergy in 2004 focusing on development and operation of 10 sub-2MW biomass plants in Asia
  • Founded Torren Energy in 1998, a UK biomass energy services company; owned and managed 30 sub-2MW biomass plants and received the Scottish Green Energy Award for best renewable energy innovation in 2002
  • Started career as a Process Engineer at John Brown Engineering in Scotland before moving to Asia

Dan Johnson, USA

Binatek, Business Development Manager

  • Joined PT Binatek in 2005 as development manager of renewable energy projects.
  • Developer of a pipeline of Renewable energy projects for Indonesian company.
  • Developed of Hydropower projects including three hydro power areas in Sulawesi and Maluku province in Indonesia.
  • Developer of Biomass and Biofuel project in Indonesia
  • Development Manager/Partner Prairie Wind Power, Fargo, ND, USA, 2000-2005. Directed and financed start-up activities of the 150 MW Merricourt wind project in North Dakota, USA. Joint Venture of EnXco and Excel Energy. Project Value US$ 380 million
  • Development Manager/Consultant geothermal Bali Energy Ltd.

Steve Zwaan, Netherland

UPC Indonesia, Director and Partner

  • Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Liger Capital Management (www.ligercm.com), an Asian private investment firm focused on investments, partnerships and trading relationships in the Philippines.
  • Prior to founding LCM, Steven was Managing Director, Head of Private Placements, at Royal Bank of Scotland in Hong Kong. In this role he was responsible for origination, structuring, execution and distribution of bespoke financing transactions across Asia and Australia.
  • Extensive experience in the financing of renewable energy projects around Asia.
  • Graduated from Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, with a Masters in Law and studied Law at Florida State University, USA.