About UPC Renewables Indonesia


UPC Renewables has been a Pioneer in many new wind markets and we are applying that experience in Indonesia. UPC with local partner PT Binatek Energi Terbarukan have partnered and are developing wind farms of over 1,500 MW on more than 12 locations throughout Indonesia.

Binatek is a leading national renewable energy development company with several wind, hydro, geothermal, biomass and methane capture renewable energy projects under development in various location in Indonesia. Binatek has been measuring and collecting wind information in Indonesia since 2006. Binatek brings their local knowledge with an experienced partner in UPC to develop wind projects in Indonesia and create a new industry providing clean zero emission energy to a growing society.

Binatek and UPC will be using the newest wind turbine technology and are committed to supplying clean wind power in Indonesia at the best price possible in a socially responsible way. The partners independently Develops, Builds, Owns and Operates its wind farms as an IPP (Independent Power Producer) as part of the Indonesia National Governments effort to expand Indonesian Electrification with Clean Green Renewable Electricity.

UPC and Binatek have a very experienced management team with over 50 employees in Indonesia that cover a variety of skill sets necessary to develop, build and operate wind and solar farms: including Development, land acquisition, community relations and interface, environmental analysis and mitigation, Government relations, utility power contracting and technical interface, engineering and planning, logistics analysis, legal contracting with counterparties, construction plan development and contracting, Construction, Project Management, Financing, Administration and Operations and Maintenance.


Why Wind?