A Clean Energy Group with a Global Track Record

UPC Renewables India is developing utility scale Solar Energy projects focused on projects with good quality resources and transmission.  Solar photovoltaics (“PV”) is one of the lowest risk energy infrastructure asset classes, and is one of the fastest growing and sustainable sources of clean power globally.

Since commencing UPC Renewables India in 2017, UPCs and local partners are constructing the first two projects with combined capacity of 97MWdc project in India.  We are currently developing over 500MW solar projects in the region.  UPC plans to build, operate and manage over 1GW solar assets in the region within next three years.

In 2014 the government of India laid down an aggressive 100GW solar power installation target by 2022. The Indian solar PV market is growing rapidly, and is the fourth largest solar market globally after China, US and Japan. It has added nearly 7GW of solar PV capacity in 2016 and pipelines soars to 20GW.  Supportive government policy, quick and sensible project implementation in an energy-deficient country, and favorable project economics have multiplied investment in the Indian solar PV sector from both domestic and international investors since 2015.

UPC Renewables India has an experienced Indian management team team that cover a variety of skill sets necessary to develop, build and operate solar farms: including development, land acquisition, community relations and interface, environmental analysis and mitigation, government relations, utility power contracting and technical interface, engineering and planning, logistics analysis, legal contracting with counterparties, construction plan development and contracting, construction, project management, financing, administration and operations and maintenance.