Indonesia CSR Program

House Renovation Program

Lainungan Village & Mattirotasi Village
Sidrap, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
June 2017 to Present

UPC program in collaboration with Sidrap Public Housing Agency to improve houses in local communities. 32 houses to be renovated, they are 15 from Mattirotasi Village and 17 from Lainungan Village. House Renovation Program will be implemented by using Community Based Concept and include local community labour to improve housing.

Provision of Clean Water

Lainungan Village & Mattirotasi Village
Sidrap, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
April 2017 to Present

UPC providing clean water to local communities near project by drilling wells and working together with Sidrap regency programs to insure access local people with access to clean water. The water distribution system will utilize existing pipeline system, and this program is planned to be integrated with existing government programs including the “100-0-100” program and PAMSIMAS program. This project is expected to help accelerate the fulfilment of the government’s target to provide 100% of clean water for people in Mattirotasi Village and Lainungan Village.

Cleft Lip Surgery Program

Sindenreng Rappang Regency
South Sulawesi, Indonesia

UPC supports the Free Operation for Cleft Lip and Palate is a collaboration with The Fhezer Komsa (TFZK) which is an organization dedicated to helping children and adults with cleft lip. 33 people have been helped by this program, and all patients were infants and children in South Sulawesi with the largest percentage coming from Sidenreng Rappang (Sidrap).

Clean Water Facilities Program

Mattirotasi Village
Sidrap, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
May 2017 to Present

UPC is committed to assist in providing Pabbaresseng community a better water quality by installing a filtration system / traditional filtration on pipelines and tank in the spring location of Pabbaresseng.

UPC is working to help the Tonrongnge community to provide water tank for collecting water for their daily needs from mountain spring as their existing water resource. This program goal is to provide better facility for Tonrongnge community to get water, especially during the dry season.

Owl House Program

Sidrap, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

The Owl House Program is a CSR program of UPC in collaboration with the Food Crops Study Program from the State Agricultural Polytechnic of Sidrap carried out by a team of student members from Sidraps’s Education Outside the Domicile (PDD) Program. UPC-SBE supports this program in terms of funding while the Sidrap PDD student teams conducted planning, preparation, and execution. The program is to provide owl houses in 20 paddy fields locations in order to work with nature to protect rice fields from rodents and increased agricultural production for a prosperous community. The establishments are located in different areas in Sidrap, including in Mattirotasi and Lainungan villages.

English Program for Local Villages

Lainungan Village & Mattirotasi Village
2016 to Present

UPC providing English Language course for the local community that focuses on everyday conversation to empower the local community with language skills. This program also provides information and socialization about wind farm project to the village community, especially children and women groups. This program is given to the community around the Windfarm, in Mattirotasi and Lainungan village. It started on April 2016 and continues to date and has received positive responses from the community.