A Clean Energy Group with a Global Track Record

UPC Renewables China was formed in 2006 and has its main offices in Bejing and Hong Kong.

UPC China was has an experienced management team with over 70 employees (excluding operating project personnel) covering a variety of skill sets necessary to develop, build and operate wind and solar farms: including Development, Construction, Project Management, Financing, and Operations and Maintenance.

UPC China has sole or jointy owns and operates five wind projects and is in construction for another 2 projects in four provinces in China with a total capacity of 213MW. A fifth project currently in construction in a fifth Province with a capacity of 48MW is in late stage construction. UPC China built its first four wind projects in partnership with the Guadian group, one of the largest power producers in China. Since then, UPC has moved into 100% owned wind projects with two wind projects already in operation/construction.

In 2016, EDF EN entered into joint ownership of UPC’s China business and EDF EN and UPC are jointly managing the business. UPC China intends to build over 1,500MW of wind and solar projects over the next three years.