A Clean Energy Group with a Global Track Record

UPC Renewables Australia was formed in 2016 with offices in Hobart, Melbourne and Sydney to develop, construct and operate renewable energy projects in Australia. UPC believes its proven international track record of building and financing will provide a successful model for the Australian business.

UPC Renewables Australia has an experienced local management team with over 80 years of collective experience in Australia and internationally covering a variety of skill sets including development, finance, design, construction planning and management and operations of renewable energy projects.

UPC Renewables Australia is developing utility scale Renewable Energy projects in Australia. With the decarbonisation of Australia gathering pace UPC Renewables Australia is focusing on wind, solar and hydro including pumped storage.

In April 2017, UPC Renewables Australia announced its first wind energy and storage project on Robbins Island and Jim’s Plain in north west Tasmania with an aggregate expected output of 600 – 1,300MW. This project will deliver power to Tasmania as well as Victoria through an undersea transmission line which is expected to eventually become part of a second connector for Tasmania to Victoria. This project is expected to complement the existing hydro system and wind energy in Tasmania and materially assist Australia in meeting its decarbonisation of the economy.

UPC expects to announce further project developments and build a large portfolio with a view to maintaining long-term ownership interest and implementing operational management to the highest international standards.

UPC Renewables Australia is committed to developing and operating renewable energy projects in a sustainable way. We do this by actively engaging with the local communities to ensure the best outcomes are achieved for those communities. To demonstrate this, UPC Renewables Australia have signed on to the Clean Energy Council Best Practice Charter for Renewable Energy Projects which can be found here.